When will my Sunscription payments occur each month?

When will my Sunscription payments occur each month?

Your Sunscription payment to US Solar is based on the amount of energy produced at the Solar Garden. As a reminder, each month we will email you a statement that details how much subscribed energy was produced and the corresponding payment due.

The exact timing of when you receive your Sunscription statement email is based on when US Solar receives the official energy production data from the utility. For Minnesota residents, this usually occurs around the middle of the month, so that is when you can expect to see your Sunscription statement email. For Illinois residents, this is dependent on your utility billing cycle.

Ten days after you receive your Sunscription statement email, our system will attempt to withdraw the payment. Therefore, the date your payment processes successfully is dependent on the day US Solar receives production data and how quickly your bank processes the withdrawal.

You can look back at all of your past Sunscription statements by logging into your Sunscription Dashboardhowever, there is no need for you to take any action.

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