Xcel Energy is changing their billing cycle for all community solar subscribers in Minnesota

Xcel Energy is changing their billing cycle for all community solar subscribers in Minnesota

This article is for Xcel Energy customers in Minnesota

What is changing?

All Xcel Energy customers who are community solar subscribers will have their billing cycles with Xcel Energy adjusted automatically to fall on or after the 20th of the month. Xcel Energy's Solar*Rewards Community program team will make this adjustment beginning the week of May 31, 2021.

This change will allow your Sunscription bill credits to align more closely with your Sunscription payments to US Solar. Previously, depending on a subscriber's existing billing cycle with Xcel Energy, some subscribers would make a subscription payment to US Solar before they had seen the corresponding Sunscription bill credit applied to their electric bill. With this adjustment, subscribers will receive their statement from US Solar and their bill credit on their electric bill during the same calendar month. Please see below for the notice sent out by Xcel Energy's Solar* Rewards Community team for more information.

How does this affect my Sunscription?

We encourage subscribers to embrace this change (and not opt out) as we believe it will make enjoying the benefits of your Sunscription even easier! It will allow you to receive your Sunscription bill credit before the corresponding Sunscription payment is withdrawn. Xcel Energy changing their billing cycle does not have any effect on when and how your pay your monthly subscription payments to US Solar. You will continue to receive one statement from US Solar via email each month that details how much energy your subscription produced the previous month and the corresponding payment due. Then, ten days later the amount will be automatically deducted from the payment method you entered into your Sunscription Dashboard. 

Is there any action required of me?

No - you do not need to do anything to be a part of this program-wide change. Xcel Energy has said that their Solar*Rewards Community and billing teams will implement the billing date change the week of May 31, 2021. Reach out to Xcel Energy’s S*RC team at  SRCMN@xcelenergy.com before May 7th if you would like to opt out or if you have any questions.