How do my Sunscription credits and payments work?

How do my Sunscription credits and payments work?

This article is for Xcel Energy and Black Hills Energy electric customers in Colorado

We can't wait for your Solar Garden to begin generating clean electricity in your community.

We are excited to build and operate several Solar Gardens in Colorado. Currently, we are gathering information from your utility and signing up residents and businesses so that we can move forward with building Solar Gardens in your area. 

If you are a Colorado resident but aren't signed up for a Solar Garden yet --

We'd be happy to provide you with some more information. Please fill out our sign up form here and our team will be in touch.

If you already signed up for one of our Colorado Solar Gardens and are looking for more information -- 

We invite you to explore the US Solar Support Center here. Check out this article so you know what communication you can expect from our team as we prepare to build your Garden.

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      Sunscription Bill Credits on My Electric Bill Your Sunscription bill credits are applied directly to your electric bill. To see the credit amount and corresponding solar production period, locate your electric bill. You will find your credit listed ...
    • How does my Sunscription bill credit work?

      This article is for Ameren and ComEd electric customers in Illinois As a community solar subscriber, you receive a bill credit on your electric bill for the energy your portion of the Solar Garden produces. Your electricity service provider will ...
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      The exact day that you receive a statement from Sunscription is based on what electric utility you have and your billing cycle with them. Once Sunscription receives the official energy production data from your utility, you will receive a statement ...
    • Why are my credits and payments higher in some months and lower in other months?

      Your electric utility charges are based on the energy you consume. Your Solar Credits and statements are based on the energy the Solar Garden generates. As an electricity user, your total electricity charges are based on the amount of energy consumed ...
    • What payment method options do I have for my Sunscription payments?

      What are my options? Homeowners and renters have the following two payment method options for their Sunscription payments to US Solar: Bank Account: Your Sunscription payments will be automatically withdrawn from your bank account. Some programs ...