Why are my credits and payments higher in some months and lower in other months?

Why are my credits and payments higher in some months and lower in other months?

Your electric utility charges are based on the energy you consume. Your Solar Credits and statements are based on the energy the Solar Garden generates.

As an electricity user, your total electricity charges are based on the amount of energy consumed at your home and any other fees from your electric utility provider. With your Sunscription account, you receive Solar Credits and make a payment to Sunscription each billing period; the value of the Solar Credits and payment are based on the amount of energy generated at the Solar Garden. Because the amount of sunlight per day varies with the seasons and weather patterns, the solar energy generated - and the corresponding Solar Credits and payments - will also vary. 

When there is more sunshine being converted into electricity, you will pay Sunscription more and receive higher Solar Credits on your electric bill. With a decrease in solar energy production, you will pay Sunscription less and receive smaller Solar Credits on your electric bill.

How do my variable Solar Credits compare to my electric bill?

There are several factors that affect how your Solar Credits compare to your normal electric bill charges. These factors include:
  1. Your personal electricity use during the billing period
  2. The weather - and resulting solar energy generation - at the Solar Garden during the billing period
  3. The size of your share in the Solar Garden
  4. Your utility and state community solar credit structure
Depending on these variables, you Solar Cedits can cover part of your electric utility charges, all of your electric utility charges, or all of your charges with an additional, excess credit amount left over. In some cases, your payment to Sunscription can be larger that your initial charges with your utility. To learn more about how your membership is sized and how your utility manages excess Solar Cedits, see this article: How big is my Sunscription? Can I make adjustments to my Sunscription size?

What does that mean for my savings?

The state and program you are a part of determine your savings rate structure and overall savings with your Sunscription account. Refer to your agreement for your estimated total savings. The main point is, the more clean energy the Solar Garden produces, the more Solar Credits your receive! 

For state-specific information about your Solar Credits and payments, see the following resources:
  1. Minnesota subscribers - understanding your bill
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  3. Colorado subscribers - understanding your bill 
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