What payment method options do I have for my Sunscription payments?

What payment method options do I have for my Sunscription payments?

What are my options?

Homeowners and renters have the following two payment method options for their Sunscription payments to US Solar:
  1. Bank Account: Your Sunscription payments will be automatically withdrawn from your bank account. Some programs offer an additional 2% discount for using bank account instead of credit card. See your Sunscription Agreement for details.
  2. Credit Card: Your Sunscription payments will be automatically charged to your credit card.
Looking to change your payment method? See this article: How do I change my payment method?

Why autopay?

US Solar has standardized Sunscription payment method options in this way because it allows us to offer the maximum savings to subscribers. And having your Sunscription set up with autopay means you don't have to remember to pay US Solar each billing period. You can just sit back and enjoy your Sunscription! 

Setting up your Sunscription with autopay also let's our team know you are committed to the Solar Garden. Spots in our Gardens fill up fast. By providing your payment information, you reserve your spot in the Solar Garden. 

And remember, in the same way that your Sunscription payments to US Solar are automatic, so also are your bill credits on your electric bill. You can sit back and know that your Sunscription is running by itself and leading to more local, renewable energy generation in your community.
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    • When will my Sunscription payments occur each month?

      The exact day that you receive your Sunscription statement from US Solar is based on what electric utility you have and your billing cycle with them. Once US Solar receives the official energy production data from your utility, you will receive a ...
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