Why is my bill from US Solar more than my bill from my utility?

Why is my bill from US Solar more than my bill from my utility?

Why is my bill from US Solar more than my bill from my utility?

As an electricity user, your total electricity charges are based on the amount of energy used at your home. With your Sunscription, the credit amounts on your electric bill and the payments to US Solar are based on the amount of energy generated at the solar garden. Therefore, depending on your personal electricity use in any given month and the weather at the solar garden in any given month, your bill from US Solar can be higher than your electricity charges from your utility.

How am I saving money?

You pay for the energy that your Sunscription produces. Therefore, you pay US Solar more in sunny months and less in cloudier months. And, as mentioned - during particularly sunny months - it is possible that your Sunscription payment will be higher than your total electricity usage charges from your utility.

The good new is, your Sunscription bill credits follow a similar pattern - you get a large Sunscription credit on your electric bill during sunny months and a smaller credit in cloudy months. Any excess credits on a single month's electric bill will apply to upcoming electricity charges, reducing your future electric bills. 

You can think of it as building up a bank of credits; in sunny months when solar energy production is high, you will have larger Sunscription credits on your electric bill that greatly reduce (in some cases to $0) electricity charges from your utility. In particularly sunny months, your subscription can yield credits above and beyond your electric bill charges, creating an excess credit to be used in the future. Excess credits accumulated in sunny months carry over month-to-month and will apply to future charges from your utility.

Don't worry, your Sunscription size - or how much energy your Sunscription generates each year - is sized based on your average annual electricity usage, so the energy - and credits - your Sunscription produces during the year is designed to be proportional to your personal electricity use.  

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