What is a Sunscription? What am I paying for?

What is a Sunscription? What am I paying for?

A Sunscription is designed to save money by allowing you to subscribe to a portion of a Solar Garden, rather than owning the actual materials. Through the community solar program, your energy company purchases the energy from the Solar Garden through monetary bill credits applied right to your electric bill.

US Solar designs, constructs, and operates Solar Gardens. US Solar also organizes the financing for the Solar Garden, so that you have no up-front costs. Your monthly payment to US Solar goes towards covering those initial project costs and the planned maintenance of the Solar Garden.
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    • How does my Sunscription save me money?

      Your savings is equal to the difference between the bill credits you receive on your electric bill and the payments that you make to US Solar. There is no way to predict the exact amount you’ll save, but we estimate the energy production and ...
    • How long does the Sunscription Agreement last?

      The Agreement lasts between 20-25 years, but depends on your state and program. Your Sunscription is portable and transferable – your savings move with you as long as you are eligible. 
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    • How much does it cost to sign up?

      There are no up-front costs or annual fees. You simply make monthly payments for your Sunscription, based on the amount of energy produced.