What is a community solar garden?

What is a community solar garden?

What is a community solar garden?

  1. A solar energy project that covers several acres of land
  2. A source of clean electricity that is more accessible to residents
  3. An energy resource managed by solar developers that sends energy into the existing utility's power grid

Key benefits of a community solar garden

  1. No equipment on your property
  2. No upfront cost to install solar panels
  3. Savings on electric bills as the garden produces clean energy

How does a solar subscription work for residents?

  1. Individuals "subscribe" to a solar garden to support local energy
  2. Subscribers receive bill credits and pay for the electricity produced at the solar garden each month (bill credits - payments = savings)
  3. Subscribers stay connected to their utility – the utility continues to provide electric service to homes and businesses
  4. Subscriptions are flexible - it's easy to relocate, transfer, or cancel your subscription

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    • What happens if a year is very cloudy or energy production is low?

      You only pay based on energy that is actually produced. You also receive a credit on your electric bill for the energy that is actually produced. This means that if production is low, you may not save as much money as expected, but you are not harmed ...
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