I have a negative balance on my Xcel Energy bill. What does that mean?

I have a negative balance on my Xcel Energy bill. What does that mean?

This article is for Xcel Energy customers in Minnesota

A negative balance means your Sunscription is producing a lot of clean energy!

If you have a negative balance with Xcel Energy, it means your Sunscription has generated more energy than you have used at your home. Your total electricity charges are based on the amount of energy used at your home. Whereas the Sunscription credit is based on the amount of energy generated at the Solar Garden. That means that, during particularly sunny months with lots of solar energy production, it's possible for your Xcel charges to be reduced to $0 - or even to a negative value, meaning your utility owes you money for the energy your Sunscription produced!

What happens to the excess credit?

Any excess credit on a single month's electric bill will apply to upcoming electricity charges, reducing your future electric bills. Most people "use up" the excess credit in the winter months when solar energy production - and credit accumulation - is lower. If you still have excess credits in the spring, Xcel Energy will cut you a check between March and May.

Still concerned about excess credits?

Your Sunscription is sized based on your average annual electricity consumption. That means our team sizes your Sunscription to maximize your benefit on an annual basis. If you would like to consider resizing your Sunscription, please let us know a bit more about your situation by filling out our Adjusting Your Sunscription form.