Have you been receiving unwanted calls by someone claiming to represent US Solar?

Have you been receiving unwanted calls by someone claiming to represent US Solar?

Unfortunately, we are aware of a fraudulent group representing themselves as US Solar and making calls regarding residential rooftop solar installations. If you receive a call purporting to be from US Solar about a residential rooftop system (or if you are unsure whether the call was made from our company), please stop the call and request a call back number.

Please know that our team may call you regarding community solar subscriptions, but we do not make any phone calls to homeowners regarding rooftop solar installation in any state. 

If you have experienced these fraud calls, we are sorry to hear you are receiving unwanted calls.  We wish we could help to stop these calls, but it is incredibly difficult since they are using a fake company name (ours) and fake numbers (usually disconnected numbers with local area codes). We certainly want them to stop as it is bad for our reputation and a huge inconvenience for people like you.

All we can do at this time is recommend that you simply hang up on them immediately and do not give them any personal information.

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